Must-Have SEO Tools for Every Marketer

Give a boost to your online visibility and website rankings with Page Locus’ search engine optimization tools. We provide website owners with an array of exceptional quality SEO optimization tools that check for SEO issues and others. In addition to being equipped with the most up-to-date features, our SEO tools available for free.

At, you can gain access to the most efficient website SEO tools online. All our SEO tools are easy to use and take a matter of seconds to deliver results. Whether you are in search of suitable keywords or need ideas to surge web traffic, we are your hassle-free solution for optimizing website rankings.

1. Complete Website Scan

Complete website scan tool help you scan any website for traffic,SEO,Social and authority information. No strings attached , you can even use our free White Label PDF Generator

2. Keyword Suggestion Tool

Keyword suggestion tool provides you hundreds of suggestions for any given keyword. This can help you developing SEM Campaigns or optimising your website.

3. Website Mobilility Test

Website Mobile testing tool allows you to check if your website is mobile friendly according to Google.

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