Features that simplify your day to day SEO work

  Connect Google Analytics

  Connect Google Webmasters

  Full Site SEO Scan

  White Lable PDF

  Complete Website Review

  Page by Page Analysis

  Free Tools for Webmasters

  and.. Awesome Support

  Connect Google Analytics

In projects you can connect Google Analytics to track traffic stats for your or your clients website. Takes one click and boom! , all the analytics data in once place. Currently we provide the following Google Analytics Reports

  View Google Analytics Traffic Overview

  View Analytics by Device (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile)

  View Analytics by Location (Geo)

  Connect Google Webmasters

Managing Google Analytics and Google Webmasters from once place may seem like a dream come true. Configuring Google Webmaster with our tool takes hardly a minute and you can view Analytics and Webmasters in a single report

  View Keyword Information

  Crawl Error Information

  Webmasters Information by Page

  Full Site SEO Summary

With just a single click you can unleash the power of our awesome web crawler. Our web crawler provide in depth information about both technical and SEO related issues.

  Information on Redirect Issues

  Page by Page Analysis

  Technical and On-Page SEO Issues

  Page by Page Analytics

Our tool provides Page by Page complete analysis. Our tool consolidate Google Analytics, Google Webmasters and SEO Report information of any Page in single report.

  Google Analytics Infomation by Page

  Google Webmasters Information by Page

  SEO Report by Page

  Create White Label PDFs

Customize PDF Report by adding Your Company Logo, Company Information, Call-To-Action and send it to your client or present it at your next compay meeting.

  Add Company Logo and Company Name

  Customize Call-To-Action (for Conversions)

  Manage Content of the Report

  Complete Website Review

Use our Complete Website Review tool to get information about any website like SEO Issues, Traffic Info, Social Media Presence, Mobile Friendliness and more.

  Unlimited Scans for Registered Users

  1 Free White Label PDF for All Users

  Convert More Prospects to Customers with White Label PDF

  Free Tools for Webmasters

We are constantly working on new free SEO tools for webmasters. Currently we offer Keyword suggestion tool (upto 100 keyword suggestion per keyword)

  Keyword Suggestion Tool

  Keyword Estimation Tool

  Social Media Research

  Awesome Product Support

We love helping customer making most of our tool. Our support services are easily reachable and we respond quickly to any of your queries.

  Support Available via Email

  Support Available via Phone

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